Can a robot autonomous run on the field without a driverstation present?

Like it says :slight_smile: Can a robot be enabled by FMS alone with no drive station present?

Nope. The FMS doesn’t communicate directly with the robot; the FMS sends match state to the DS, which then sends the enable/disable signals (among other things) to the robot.


The FMS server does not communicate directly with the robots. All communication is between the FMS server and the Driver Station, including states (Enabled, Disabled, Teleop, Auto, etc), Emergency Stop status, Match Time, and more. If the Driver Station loses connection with the FMS software, the watchdog function onboard the robot halts control and disables the robot.

Just to get the actual source in there.

In a legal match, no. However, it is technically possible to enable a robot without the driverstation software. There was some recent discussion on that here: Enabling autonomous on the roboRIO over SSH (without a driver station connected)

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I actually got to read that discussion too :3 thanks for the answers!

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