Can a team win Rookie All-Star at 2 regionals?


If a rookie team went to 2 regional competitions and won at the first, are they eligible to win again at the second? And if they are, would they generate a wild card for some other team?

Thanks in advance!

Nope, Rookie All Star is similar to Engineering Inspiration and The Chairman’s Award: you can only win it once at any competition level (district, regional/district championship, championship).

Only the winning alliance can generate a wild card, and those can only be extended to the finalist alliance. If a rookie won RAS and the regional, they would generate a wild card.

Counter-point to the above- 4930 won it at two different regionals in 2014. Perhaps the rules have changed since then.

And 4451 did it in 2013. But it’s definitely changed since then.

Incorrect in 2017.

Rookies are not allowed to win RAS at two regionals.


Rookie Teams* are eligible for the Rookie All-Star Award at each Regional or District event. Teams will be restricted to earning this award once at each level of competition. In other words, once a team has earned Rookie All-Star Award at a Regional or District event, they may not earn it again that season at a later Regional or District Event. At District Championship, only District teams that have won Rookie All-Star Award at a District event during the current season are eligible.

EDIT: Billfred beat me to it.

I don’t believe this is true. If you win an event and then win an award that qualifies you for the championship, you will then generate a wildcard.

For example, Broncobots generated a wildcard in Iowa when they won EI after winning Kansas City.

And I’ll throw in Corazon de Chile and Circuit of Life from Ventura, the former for EI and the latter for RCA. Two teams that won the event, two wild cards.

Wild cards go like this: If you are already qualified for Champs in a given season (note: QUALIFIED, not waitlist), and you QUALIFY again by some means, you generate a wildcard. Assuming, of course, that you’re in a regional system! Said wildcard goes through the finalist alliance, captain through backup, until it finds a team that hasn’t qualified for Champs yet.