Can any VCU teams help me?/ VCU thanx

First off… you’re welcome Wetzel. i wasn’t going to use the hat anyways. But I’m going to look for it at EPCOT! [Ditto for the orange one… -see bottom-]

I wanted to thank all of the VCU teams. You all were great and made it a very cool competition - even though we didn’t go that well. I really want to sent out a kudos to anyone who had a part in booking the hypnotist. The tape of our team members ‘hypnotised’ will provide many hours of laughter and can be used for future blackmail purposes.

OK on to where I need help.

When I was at VCU I donated another hat to one of the orange teams. It was a foamy bright orange hat with a black flower and a MOE hologram on it. if anyone knows it’s whereabouts… please tell me. I’d like to keep track of where it goes and i forgot to check what the teams number was.