can anybody beat this?

i made it

Before I run an arbitrary program hosted on an arbitrary web site, I’m going to need a pretty compelling reason. What is it? What is it supposed to do? Why should I trust that it won’t try to drop a rootkit and turn my computer into a zombie on some eastern European botnet? :ahh:

not sure if this is some perverted section of another game, but he may be referring to this.

It’s a game. A bloody hard game for that matter. I have yet to ever beat it.

That said, I have no idea if the two links are related, and seeing as I’m on a 5 minute break from a diaspora hackfest, I really don’t want to bother checking it right now. Will later perhaps. is an online storage service.
The link leads to a page to download an .exe called “I Wanna Be That Guy Thing”, about 19MB large.

Now with that said, I do admit this thread was not at all clear in defining its purpose.

sorry, i was rushed.

I made an I wanna be the guy fangame using game maker, and I wanted to see if it was possible. can you please test it and tell me if it is or isn’t?

I read Game Maker and I stopped there

I admit, in its current state, IT IS BAD. I need people to test it so it can be !bad and good. can you please test it for me?

Game maker? I think I may have downloaded it a while back on my old computer before it crashed… Does the logo look like a red circle with a hammer in it?

I have closed the thread and removed the link as to be honest this is all too sketchy and I don’t want people on this forum downloading a virus or something malicious.

If the OP can provide more details to me or another mod through PM then this thread may be reopened.