Can anyone from 294 help me out asap?

I’m supposed to take a placement test for college at Redondo Union Highschool. The letter said nothing except for the school name. Does anyone know what large room can be used for such a test? Gonna go there an 30 minute ahead to try to find it but a place to start would help

Hi! Most tests are in our gyms. If you go to the main parking lot (corner of Diamond and Del Amo) and then go down a big ramp/staircase, you’ll be right next to them. They’re between the fields and the rest of the school. You can probably wander around until you see someone. Or our office address is 1 Seahawk Way and someone in there might be able to help you, not sure if they’ll be in there on a weekend though.

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Wow thanks for taking the time to make an account to tell me this! Gracias!

Haha I just hadn’t confirmed my email yet on the new system lol. Good luck with your test!! :slight_smile:

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