Can anyone help me find a part on autodesk?

This is my first day using the chief delphi website so im not even sure if this post is in the right area for question answer threads but if someone reads this…I am using the autodesk inventor program and i have tried looking for a 6" omni wheel to dowload from the firstbase website but i can not find it, does anyone know where i can obtain the file for it?


You can go to
Search: firstrobotics, wheel

The default download format will be SolidWorks, but you can select Inventor or .dwg under the 2D category

There is a preview picture, use your mouse to zoom and rotate to make certain this is what you need.

Good luck.


Or you can make the wheel in inventor.

Here are two links with 6" omni wheels. Each has a download link for a .stp part drawing. Inventor will open these. Upon the initial save, it will save all the components to the folder you select.

The location you are looking for is here:

This contains all the FIRST CAD parts in various formats.