can anyone please tell mw where or with what can i lear programing in C

Hello everyone ,
Well see my issue is that well since all the programmers on my team have gone and graduated the torch of programmers has been embedded to me and well since i was mostly a builder and tactician i really never got the chance to learn how to program well at all so if anyone knows of a way to learn it easily I would soo appreciate it because at the moment we’re facing a reeeeal tuff time without a programmer. :ahh: :frowning:

Hey techsage, and welcome to ChiefDelphi.

Pretty much the exact same topic just came up with someone else, so you’re in luck! Just check out the “Help with programming” thread.

To summarize:

  • We like links. :wink: (Sorry, didn’t want to copy 'em)
  • Search is good (it’s in the orange bar near the top of each page)
  • There are lots of willing people
  • Try to find someone in your area who are willing to help you out when you have a problem. If there’s another team in your area, try to talk to their programmer(s).
  • When posting, ask specific questions, not “How do you program an autonomous mode?” (Well, I don’t know if that was in there, but it’s important. :))

The other thing you might like to do is look for a book such as “Teach Yourself C in 21 Days” from your local library. That will help you get the basics of C down before you move on to learning about how you do things with the PIC. (The microcontroller that you use with the robot.)

You are going to scare away the new guy :slight_smile:

Hey! One method that I find that works pretty well if find some community leaders in the field you have questions about. Like some a few programing people who’ve got over 600 posts and a good rep. And then PM them with your questions. They might not know the answer, but they’ll usually point you in the right direction.

What’s that supposed to mean? :wink:

Start now with last year’s robot. I also recommend using the EDUBot you got 2 years ago. Check out this site put out by Carnegie Mellon . This came on a CD with the EDUBot. I would also reach out to a team in your area. The Delaware Valley has lot of great teams that could help. I believe Team 487 Springfield HS is running a programming workshop in the fall. Go to MOE’s(365) event Duel on the Delaware or Daisy’s(431) Ramp Riot and talk to people in person to get some more ideas on where to start.

I’m currently learning the programming language, theres already a post showing what you need (MPLAB, IFI loader, etc).

And remember, commas and periods are our friends :smiley: .

Bah, proper English is for those who haven’t spent enough time coding to think entirely in C :wink:

Or, to put it better,

while(HoursCodingPerDay < 24)
       ProperEnglish == TRUE;

On occasion, I find myself wanting to use semicolons to end sentences; Proper english also says that “puntuation should be inside of the quotation marks”. As a programmer, however, that tells me that the puntuation mark is part of the quote. A few times, I’ve also used ! to say that something is !true. Now if you’ll excuse me, != read;