Can bumpers have springs?

can bumper have springs mounted to the chassy to reduce impact on the robot?

There is no rule that expressly forbids it, but the bumper rules, taken together, will make it extremely difficult to implement. It’s also unnecessary, as the speeds achievable on the slick floor and the fact that all robots will have robust pool noodle bumpers will make impacts manageable if good robot design and assembly practices are followed.

actually it does say, in my opinion and interpretation of the rules. I don’t know the exact spot, but they say that the bumpers must be hard mounted to the chassis so I would assume that if there are springs it is not hard mounted. But that can be left up to your own descretion. Check the section talking about the bumpers in the Robot section of the manual

<R08-G>, to be exact. However, it doesn’t say hard mount. It says “rigid fastening system” so you get a “tight, robust connection to the main ROBOT structure/frame (e.g. not attached with Velcro!).” If you did it just right, you could do a spring structure and be legal. HOWEVER…

It is very, very difficult to do so and not break one of the other rules, even if you get past <R08-G> at inspection. The Bumper Perimeter part comes to mind–as soon as that frame that you’ve attached the spring to (one legal way to do it, sort of) collapses towards the middle of the robot, your bumper perimeter changes and your bumper no longer is on the perimeter, violating <R08-L>, <R08-O>, and depending on your specific design, <R08-M>. Any of those on the field is grounds for <S04> to be called. So you have to design around those, too…

I agree with these other guys my understanding says no you can’t because you have to have the wood against your chassis

ty 4 ur opinions guys i think we will not go with it … 2 be honest this is my first post i just wanted 2 c show many people would respond 2 it lol ty 4 ur time :slight_smile:

that an amazing idea and is pretty invovative

Who says the sides of your chassis aren’t mounted on springs?

If you can find a way to have the bumpers segmented in such a fashion to keep it from violating the perimeter rules while the springs are both fully compressed and extended, then it seems like it would be legal.

I can think of ways to do it, but the amount of effort would far outweigh the results (especially given the further implications to interior “usable area” and mounting other robot parts to the frame).