CAN bus breaks when Spark Max limit switch is triggered

We’re stumped on this one. We have a magnetic limit switch hooked to a Spark Max running a NEO. When the limit switch is triggered, the CAN bus breaks and the various talon/spark lights turn red. This seems to be correlated with the temperature of the Spark.

Any ideas? I’m happy to give other info as needed.

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Additional info: the limit switch works fine on a Talon SRX.

Is it going solid red or blinking red and white?

We are mainly looking at the talons for information on the can bus. The talons blink red, but not the normal blinking red for going in reverse. In addition the other Sparks on the robot flickering on and out of their state showing an occasional blink of orange. The spark with the switch blinks red and white as it should when going down and with a limit, but I think there is an occasional orange light in there

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Could you post a schematic of the limit circuit you are using and the datasheet for the magnetic limit switch (unless it is our REV Magnetic Limit Switch)?

It is indeed your magnetic limit switch (REV-31-1462).

There were some more developments on this a few days ago, but being a mechanical guy I don’t know the details. I know they circumvented the problem by plugging the limit switch directly into the RoboRio. I’ll talk to the kids today and get whatever info I can to you.

We also have the REV magnetic limit switch, but haven’t been able to use it. By the electric diagram on the datasheet, it would seem like there are two shorted signal wires. If so, is there a reason to use both? Why would there be two identical signal outputs?

That sounds initially like they might have the switch either wired incorrectly to the spark max or might have a problem in the wiring itself that is shorting additional pins together.

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