CAN Bus Connector Kits!

These CANnector Kits by Team 7400 allow you to make in-line CAN Bus connections and are easier to remove than soldering, allowing you to repair and rearrange your electrical panel with ease!

Information regarding the kits is in the flyer below.

For additional information, visit our website at:

To place an order or inquire about the kits, contact us at: [email protected]


These look great, and are much cheaper than alternatives I have seen, but the legality of the part concerns me. Can anyone weigh in on the legality of this part given that it can’t be COTS (team 7400 is, by definition, not a VENDOR)?

EDIT: This isn’t to suggest that they aren’t legal. I’m re-reading the 2019 manual now, but it’d sure be nice if someone already knew the answer.

If made after kickoff I believe these can just be another custom circuit board, same as if you made them yourself. But haven’t brushed up on 2019 manual in a bit so correct me if I’m wrong.

If team 7400 sets up an unaffiliated company and has the proper tax registration and whatever, then it would be perfectly legal. Also, if they only start manufacturing these parts after kickoff then send them out during week 1 or 2, that should also be legal without the unaffiliated company. As it stands now though, with the team manufacturing custom parts not sold by a VENDOR before kickoff, that wouldn’t be legal.


OP, these are awesome and it’s a great way to help raise funds for the team, and look super useful!

However, please study the 2019 manual with your team to ensure you aren’t selling illegal parts. This one is your responsibility to confirm.


After reviewing the 2019 game manual, this part is considered to be a COTS item. These parts are commercially available for sale by Team 7400 and are open for purchase to all FRC teams. Therefore, they are legal parts to be bought and sold at any time at any time and used on competition robots during the season. (As per 2019 FRC Game Manual Section 10).


Er, be careful with that:

Many rules in this section reference Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) items. A COTS item must be a standard (i.e. not custom order) part commonly available from a VENDOR for all teams for purchase.

A VENDOR is a legitimate business source for COTS items that satisfies all the following criteria:
A. has a Federal Tax Identification number. In cases where the VENDOR is outside of the
United States, they must possess an equivalent form of registration or license with the
government of their home nation that establishes and validates their status as a legitimate
business licensed to operate within that country.
B. is not a “wholly owned subsidiary” of a FIRST Robotics Competition team or collection of
teams. While there may be some individuals affiliated with both a team and the VENDOR,
the business and activities of the team and VENDOR must be completely separable.

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