CAN bus Jaguar intermittent errors

Our robot’s drivetrain uses four CIM motors, one for each wheel, each controlled by a Jaguar controller. The first is a new black Jaguar, connected to the cRIO serial port. The rest are tan Jaguars daisy-chained from the black one. The last one has a resistive terminator as described in the doc.

When we run the robot, the wheels turn as expected except with a severe jerkiness, as though the power were cutting in and out.

The following error appears in the log numerous times"

<Code>-52007 ERROR:status = -52007 (0xFFF34D9) in sendMessage() in C:/windriver/workspace/thunderbot2010/canjaguar.CANJaguar.cpp at line 175
NI Platform Services: The requested operation did not complete in time.

Examining CANJaguar.cpp shows an assertion is failing because a call is returning 0xFFF34D9 when zero was expected.

We’re stumped. Can anyone provide some wisdom about what’s going on here, or suggestions for how we should proceed to investigate and debug this?

The answer is simple, add a wait (0.05) after you set your motor speeds.