CAN Commands Formats & Documentation

Does anyone know if or where the CAN commands that are used in FRC are documented?

I’m planning on doing some prototyping with an Ardunio and CAN Shield, with the FRC Jaguars.

If anyone can point me to the formats, structure, documentation that be great.


You probably ought to get in contact with the “Cross the Road” folks. They do CAN in a big way, and probably know what they’re doing… :wink:

If you aren’t using the FRC control system, you would probably be better off using the non-FRC Jaguar firmware. Its documentation is as complete as it gets – the source code is freely available. :slight_smile:

Thanks, that’s a great idea. Why didn’t I think of that since we do use 2CAN :wink:

Thanks, I’ve downloaded the Developers CD from TI. I’ll begin exploring it.

As for the firmware, I’m going to try to work with the FRC version as I’m very curious as to it’s innards(firmware) and how it responds. Whether or not I’m successful using the FRC doesn’t really matter it’s part of my plan to see what I can get if anything. I can swap firmware easy enough to run comparison tests.

Thanks again, everyone.

The only difference between the FRC firmware and the stock firmware is the safety features that prevent the Jaguar from driving the motor unless the FMS or DS are talking to the cRIO. Use the stock firmware.