CAN Communications Error: -44087

Tonight after flashing the cRIO from v25 to v28 we are now having communication issues. We are getting both -44087: Send and -44087: Receive errors about every 3 seconds. Here are a few observations:

  • We’re using LabVIEW
  • The CAN connection was working perfectly with the same cables, code, and terminator before updating to v28
  • The battery is providing 12.6V
  • I have solid communication with all the jaguars when using BDC-comm-92
  • I reflashed the cRIO and all the jaguars at least twice to make sure that wasn’t the issue
  • The code before the reflash sent CAN signals every 50ms, I have tried after flashing at 50ms and 100ms and both versions don’t work
  • The jaguar does an odd flashing LEDs, it flashes as if it was disabled, but periodically keeps a quarter second of a solid yellow
  • When I try to power a motor it alternates with a few flashes of green, then a few flashes of yellow and the motor (obviously) twitches on/off

Tomorrow I plan on swapping out the terminator, but I would love to hear any other solutions. Thanks in advance.