CAN Connector

This is a printed circuit board my team designed to secure finicky CANBUS connections more solidly and neatly. It was designed to sit above the PDP in a 3D printed cradel and link the CAN circuit with some simple traces (made using altium).

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Perhaps consider uploading it to Thingiverse or grabcad?

The photo from last year’s design looks good.

You might consider connecting only one CAN pair from each talon and having the bus continue uninterrupted through your board. That would make the system much more tolerant to a single connection failure. The CAN spec allows stubs up to 12" long from the bus, and we’ve tested that layout successfully at competition.

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File error is my fault. I need to consolidate some things on the website, and I’ll fix that soon!

Thanks for referencing the picture. I’ll add it to the website.

That could be an interesting idea to just stub it. We’ll investigate further for this year! Probably just depends on how centrally located we can put all the controllers to the pdp.

It was a great experience for my students to be introduced to altium. It does a lot more than necessary for this kind of project, but I still made Anyssa create libraries, link to supplier parts, and all that. Hopefully good experience for future internships and resumes

weebly file upload is at maximum I guess, so uploaded it to grabcad. Later this week we’ll add a PDF of the schematic (which was very simple) and a 3D PDF of the layout (also relatively simple) so that it can be viewed without Altium.

version 2 of the board can be bought at oshpark here:

Once we get a 3D mount together, I’ll see if I can add it to thingiverse for people to download and print if they like. We have limited access to a 3D printer, so it may be slow going.