CAN db9 adapter wiring

Could anyone explain which wires from the db9 adapter are connected to the serial cable that goes to the Black Jaguar. Also, how are the colors arranged in the 6p6c connector. We are using the db9 connector from the 2012 kit of parts, which I think is different from a generic one from online.

This guide should cover pretty much everything, I’m uploading a follow up video to youtube now that should be up in 1/2hr to illustrate some of the wiring better.

One thing to be aware of, our team ran into issues with a DB9-6P6C adapter in which the color coded wires from the 6P6C side did not match the docuementation. If you’re having trouble with the adapter and serial connection, ignore the color coding and check that the pins are correctly connected to each other…

Agreed. I actually mention this in the video linked above.

We made our serial Jaguar cable slightly differently. Instead of inserting the terminating resistor into the plastic RJ-12 plug, we put the resistor into the DB9 serial connector. We used the red and green wires that you taped up and insulated. Instead, we stuck the terminating resistors into female pins of the red and green wires (pin 3 and 4) and soldered them to prevent them from coming out. Put heat shrink tube on both pins so they don’t short anything else. Stuck all the wires including the resistor back into the DB9 shell and done.

Our team uses 4 conductor wire across the board, so this wouldn’t work in our case. You would need to have 6 conductor wire from the DB9 adapter to the Jaguar (which is probably what you are using).

The KOP supplies the DB9 connector and the 6-conductor cable, so it’s not something I need to get specifically.