CAN Device ID for 2 motors same gearbox

We are using a two motor gearboxes for our drive. So the two motors in each gearbox will be doing the exact same thing. Using PWM we used Y-cables to send the same signals through the speed controllers. This year we are trying CAN.

With CAN…Can we give each speed control the same ID number and essentially do the same thing?

You can’t use the same CAN ID for two different Talon’s. It doesn’t work that way.
The Talon SRX has a slave mode used for this purpose.
You tell one Talon to follow another Talon (at a different CAN ID address). Usually this is for when an encoder is being used by one of the Talon’s and you’d like the paired Talon to follow the lead of the Talon with the encoder.

It’s just as easy to send both Talons the same motor commands if you are just sending them a %voltage.

Right on both counts.

Checkout Section 9 of Talon SRX Reference Manual to see how to slave Talons works.

Also Section 3.1…

For the robot to function properly, there CANNOT BE “COMMON ID” Talon SRXs.

Software reference manual is at
or or google “talon SRX software reference manual”.