CAN device problem in phenix tuner

our team is having a problem updating our can device. Our talons don’t show up in phenix tuner to update. I’m not shore what is causing the problem.

You pressed “Install Phoenix” under the RaspPi/Jetson/Linux groupbox.

What you most likely want is to press “Run Temp diag server” under FRC-RoboRIO.
Or just deploy an app with Phoenix linked in your FRC application, which also contains the diagnostic server.

I ran the diagnostic, and it now says, “is diagnostic server installed and RIO boot completed.” then is says connect device. Our vectors and talons still won’t show up in the CAN Device. I also don’t know what you mean by deploy an app with phenix. Any more advice?

It sounds like you might have skipped a few steps. I recommend starting at …

… and troubleshooting your wiring …

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