CAN drive motors but not visible in webconfig

We need to conjure our CAN devices but they don’t show in webconfig.
Some motors are moving through our Talon SRXs… just not in the right configuration.

Roborio is reimaged to FRC_RoboRIO_2018_v17
Roborio firmware is version 5.0.0
CTRE Phoenix is version
CAN wiring looks fine and we think the motors wouldn’t move it it weren’t.

Any ideas?


Did you Install the Phoenix web-based Config on the roboRIO?

Couple extra things.

Just realized it’s called the webdash, not webconfig.

Also, our PDP lights are blinking which indicates ‘sticky fault’. We haven’t been able to get the blinking to stop for the entire build season.


You can clear the PDP sticky fault through a code call-I sometimes link it to the User button on the roboRIO for convenience.

The other way is to get the webdash on the roboRIO configured and do it through that.

Thanks Mark McLeod!
We updated the Phoenix web-based Config and we can see the Talons now.

For reference. the docs are here:


You’ll need to repeat the Phoenix config after any roboRIO reimaging, e.g., if the roboRIO image goes higher than v17.