Can encoder be damaged by overheating?

Someone on our team had the brilliant idea of holding our elevator at maximum height for around 3 minutes. The motor did not burn out but was really hot (casing probably ~150 degrees). After cooling, it seemed to work fine except our autonomous which uses the encoder got messed up. Is it possible that the encoder was damaged and we will have to replace the motor? Even if it was our autonomous being unreliable in this case, is it possible in general for this to happen?

The encoder itself will not generate heat on its own. But it’s possible that the stalled motor got hot enough to damage the encoder, which is close to the motor windings.

What type of motor is having this problem? How is the encoder not working? (not showing anything, jittering back and forth, etc)

I’m an electrical test engineer and have done tons of thermal testing. Short answer is yes, it is absolutely possible the encoder was damaged. Without looking up the exact specifications, consumer grade products are usually qualified to 70C(158F). Some are much better, some only technically pass testing.
Just replace the encoder and consider it a relatively cheap lesson on why you shouldn’t stall motors and should counter balance elevators.

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