CAN Encoder Programming problem

we are designing a pivot drive system this year for our robot, however i am running into some problems with the code. We integrated the example CAN example from labview into teleop, however, when running the code, our AMS as514sb encoder will go to a certain value, then reset to 0. for example, if i set its position to 2 rotations, it may go to 1.78, then reset back to 0. this produces an effect of the motor continuously running, attempting to reach 2.00, but failing. interestingly, the encoder pulses seems to control the range of value we can move between before the value resets to zero. We are also running a US digital encoder to turn our wheels forward/back and we are having no problems with this encoder. i know the the AMS can utilize must higher pulses per minute than the US, but im not sure if that should effect the code.

The AS5145B is intended to be used as a rotational position encoder, not a quadrature encoder. How do you have it connected? How are you reading its value?

I’m from the same team as CrazyGamer and we are working together on this.

This is how we wired it:


This is how we coded it:

Cust M. - Open vi:
Cust. M. - EncodeMotor:

On the sensor, I see six wires: two red, two white, and two black. On the Jaguar, I see five: one each of red, white, and black, and two gray. What happens to the wires between the two devices?

You apparently have something connected to the “I” (index) pin of the Jaguar’s encoder input. A signal on that pin will reset the count. Try just removing that connection and see if the count starts doing what you expect.

The wire leading that plugs into (-) on the Jag gets split into two and goes into gnd and Csn on the encoder.