can grabbers fastest?

27 503 548 1678 118 1114 3683 1676 329 987 3310 610 2848 330 2056 4976 1305 2852 624 303 1986 1519 1711 195 319 971 67 33 ???
who is bringing some???
who will be the fastest???

Assuming you mean in auto…
I’ve been told 254’s is under half a second. Sounds pretty fast to me. The fastest I have seen is 610’s where it completes its job in under 2 seconds.

You didn’t see 987 in Las Vegas?

How fast was that? I couldn’t tell due to slow motion.

Depending on when you consider them ‘grabbed,’ it’s about 10 seconds in that 400fps video. Converting that to 30fps ‘real time’ puts that at under 1 second.

Steven (my son, who posted the video) figured it was around a quarter of a second. Seems there are several ways to get to the can in that time, so we’re going to need to be pretty sharp eyed to see what’s happening during the beginning of the matches at Champs. Of course, it’s easy to see which way the cans fly after they’ve been grabbed.

It **was **indeed about a quarter second…

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A quarter second is so last month…

we’ve got our mechanism, but no robot to test it on. The arms can deploy under 0.4 second, so i’m pretty confident we’ll join those great teams :smiley:

Ours resembles our shooter from last year more than what we had at the beginning of the season now…

It will be fun to see how fast they can go! I think lots of teams are working on mechanisms and not revealing them, it should lead to some entertaining match starts. My favorite quote so far this year was when we weighed a bit of carbon tube that was to be used as a small support structure: “Ooh, 0.6 grams, that’s more than I’d like.”

I’m hoping to run around to different divisions and shoot some slow motion footage of the fastest grabbers. Might be tricky with so many divisions and teams though.

What are you using to actuate your grabbers, pneumatics?

I expect the can grabbing gizmos to be stunning in their performance levels, if what we’ve been playing with is any indication.

4 CIMs and too much speargun tubing.

Wow that is quite a bit of power, do you just stall the motors to keep it from deploying, or do you have some sort of release? Thanks for the reply!

Out of curiosity, why CIMS? There are motors with higher RPM out there and you don’t really need the torque…

EDIT: Did some research and remembered that you guys make your own gearboxes (I think) so that makes more sense now

When you’re using as much surgical tubing as possible, you need a lot of power to pull that thing back.


That, and even ignoring the tubing, angular acceleration = torque / inertia. If you can add torque without adding inertia it will speed it up. The more important number than RPM or torque is power though, which CIMs have a whole lot of.

Also we use the 4 CIMs to drive the robot around after autonomous. (top left in video) 329 was comfortably under 400ms in week 4 and have made some tweaks to that speed

Yes, I can attest to this. 329 was a steal of a pick, to think it’s even quicker now is astonishing!

Good luck in Carver! :slight_smile: