Can hat?

so I was looking around at hats for a raspberry pi and I ran accros a can hat how hard (if even possible) would it be to use that to control frc things over can? Yes I do know that I can’t use it in-season (pretty sure that’s true right?) but it could be cool to play with in the off season.

Read R701 really closely, particularly the blue box.

It’s possible. Few of us doing it these days.


I have used the CTRE Hero and a Canable (USB to can adapter) to control the Talon SRX motor controllers from a Linux machine like a PI or a Jetson Nano. They outline the process in the Phoenix docs here

I don’t know about legality for competition use, but for off-season this worked pretty well. I’ll see if I can find some of my old code, but it was C++ and I was working with Ubuntu 18.04 at the time. The Jetson Nano had some issues but it was what I had at the time. It did work well enough.

This was a picture of a test chassis, we didn’t have the hero board on this one, but it was needed. I have a test bench of it somewhere if I can find it I’ll share a pic tomorrow. We had IMU feedback and we’re adding mounts for the Talon Magnetic encoders at the time of this pic.

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