CAN Help

How do you program CAN for Jags and Talons? I have never used CAN before, and i’m completely lost. And It dosn’t help that I am new to programming anything past basic Pneumatics and RobotDrive. Could Someone please help me?

Here’s the FRC screensteps. I would just search using the search bar for programming help…

Also checkout the Talon SRX software ref manual for SRX specific examples…

There are two CAN Talon SRX sample programs included with the plugins that you should look at. One, “CAN Talon SRX” does a simple voltage controlled example. The other more interesting sample, “CAN Talon SRX PID” uses PID control in the Talon to control a motor from a potentiometer input that you might use, for example, to make an elevator that would lift game objects to a particular level.

To get those samples from Eclipse, select New Project…, then “Example Robot C++ Project”, then choose one of the two samples described above.

These are both very simplified programs to show the basics of using the Talon SRXs and not how you might write a complete much more complex program. There are a bunch of other samples and ScreenSteps documentation to help with that.