Can I borrow your robot?

For the next nine weeks, I’m going to be teaching week-long robotics summer camps for 5th through 8th grade students. There is an existing curriculum that I am working from, but I was hoping to augment it with something a bit more impressive than the robots they see currently.

I’m located in Seattle, WA and I’d be storing the robot at Pacific Science Center. I’m hoping that a local team might be willing to share a robot for the summer, but if someone else would like to share and can find a way to get it to me, that’d be great, too.

Unfortunately, I doubt there’s any way I can pay for shipping and related costs, so keep that in mind.

…it’s worth a shot, right?

Here’s a list of teams in seattle with the CD users on that team.
[/li] [li]Caliostro
[/li] [li]finatronics
[/li] [li]galexnic
[/li] [li]IVIaxor
[/li] [li]Jpbred
[/li] [li]luckedog
[/li] [li]Micah Brodsky
[/li] [li]Natedude
[/li] [li]nkrumm
[/li] [li]riley_ag
[/li] [li]S9ar7acu3
[/li] [li]SiliconKnight
[/li] [li]Spike2756
[/li] [li]Tyler
[/li] [li]wasabi824
[/li] [li]ZFiend
[/li] [li]zlt

[/li] [li]KevinRo




If we did not live cross country i bet we would be glad to do it for you… good luck i know some one/some team will help you out!