Can I connect the 775 motor to battery directly?


I’m testing a new arrived motor, can I connect it to the battery directly? Thanks!


You can, but Hold on tight.


Yup. Just don’t run it under much load, they’re easy to burn out.


Don’t connect it directly to the PDP though.
That would be bad for the PDP sensor circuits.


Thanks a lot!


For safety and control reasons, I would definitely suggest investing in some sort of “motor tester” device. They will easily pay themselves off in usefulness in a single season or less.

The Killer Bees put together instructions on how to convert a power drill into a motor tester:

AndyMark also sells a device that can be combined with speed controllers:


Can attest to the usefulness of the Thrifty Throttle. It’s awesome because you don’t need to do sketchy things to make things move, and you don’t need to wait on the programmers to finish “important updates” (messing around) before throwing together a test program for a mechanism.