Can I fix magnets with locktite? Falcon PSA

Today we took apart our falcon 500 because it felt a little stiff in some spots we though that the bolts might be loose again. When we opened it up the bolts were all tight and there was still a stiff spot. We then proceeded to look around in the motor to see what might be causing it and we found this…

The magnets in the motor slid down toward the back of the motor and we believe it was grinding on the motor housing.

Has anyone else experienced this?


Please contact


Thanks for posting! I’ve heard about this happening with beta teams but it’s always nice to confirm any possible failure modes.

As Jon said, your best move is to contact Vex support.

I am a brushless motor designer, and have some experience with the type of magnet retention failure shown in your picture. Very often they can be repaired; however, I strongly recommend against attempting the repair independently. This one is on Vex – let them guide you, whether it is by authorizing a return or by detailed repair instructions.