Can I get a link on any information on the animations, please?

Alright… I’m really sorry if I’m breaking any rules or anything while doing this, I know you would prefer me to search for this… but I need some help. I was kinda… recruited onto my School’s FIRST team, because they needed people to do the animations. Unfortunately, my team is extremely unorganised, and I was not given… nor can anyone find… any information on the animations. Can someone link me to the guidelines… or at least a way to get them?

I would be very much appreciative. Please email me with an answer. Thanks in advance.

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All the information regarding the animation can be found here:

Login: (public) <<< include the ( )
Password: no password

it will ask you to install their software, and once you’ve completed that, there should be a folder for Visualization Award

Look for a PDF and all the information you need should be there.

good luck animating

…or you could go to the FIRST website and under documentation is a PDF on awards. In that file are the guidelines starting on pg 16 (i think).

Thank you both so much! You’ve been very helpful!