Can I get my account name changed or my account deleted?

I would either like to change my account name to bendh18 or delete my account so that I could make a new account called bendh18. I maintain that name throughout the internet so i would like it to remain the same here too.

Yes, PM Brandon Martus with your request.

Might I also suggest you use your real name instead of bendh18. Of course, if you don’t feel comfortable with doing that disregard this comment.

No reason to delete your account and start over, an admin can change your user name and all your other info and posts will stay. Look at the bottom of this subforum for the listed mods and find Brandon Martus, click his user name and send the PM like Andrew said. Brandon will change it after he sees your message and can get to it.

His AKA is his real name (at least it looks like it is).

Yeah my AKA is my real name. I like to maintain the same username throughout the web.