Can I run the robot through labview on my computer im using to program?

Hey there,
I’m still getting use to our robot code and our main guy who does this stuff is gone. I do know a fair amount of Labview programing but I’m confused as to how I plug in joysticks and control the robot while in running the code to the cRIO of my programming computer (a.k.a. no driver station). Our driver station computer isn’t currently working :frowning:

Is there a VI within our basic robot code, which ours is built around the default FIRST code without any deletions of VI’s as far as I’m aware, in which there’s a working driver station program is basically what I’m asking.

Part of the installation of the FRC code is the driver station. Make sure you run this when you want to test your robot. It will send the joystick data to the robot once setup.

The official Driver Station program runs on any (Windows XP or 7) computer. Install it using the Driver Station Software Update.

If you’re installing the Driver Station on a non-classmate, you will also want to install the FRC 2011 Tools & CompactRIO Drivers from the National Instruments DVD in the kit.