Can i still benchtest without OTB version?

Hello, i updated the firmware on the driver station, but now i realized i didnt do the benchtest. Can i still benchtest with the updated firmware for the driver station? i tried hooking it up after installing the firmware update for the driver station, and under mode and system i get invalid.

You can’t continue with the original benchtest.
Practically speaking though, you can run your own benchtest, but the test description given no longer applies. You just want to confirm that moving the joystick in USB1 results in a motor in PWM01 at the other end moving.

However, the cRIO firmware also has to be upgrade to match the DS firmware upgrade before .

Once you update the cRIO, you can run the bech test for post update. The real difference is that you don’t have to use jumpers to switch between arcade and tank drive. The downside is, you don’t get to test the digital inputs for functionality.

I would assume they were tested at the factory though, so you should be okay if the post update test works.

benchtest for post update? sorry for the noob questions, but im slightly confused? what exactly do you mean by benchtest for post update?

The Pre-update bench test involves the use of jumpers to change from tank drive to arcade. after you do the update (hence the “post update”) you re-run the test, but instead of jumpers, you switch between tank and arcade with the throttle control on joystick #1. Also, pre update you can’t run auton. mode unless you switch to auton, and then power cycle the CS. After the update, you can go back and forth at will.

now the throttle control, is that the small thing with the tab, in the middle of the joystick towards the bottom where the base is? its default location is down, but u can move it up? is that the throttle control?

There are three analog axes on the joystick, X and Y the joystick axes and the throttle. The throttle is the knob like thing on the base in the middle on the rear. Yes it has a tab. I don’t consider it to have a “default” position since it is not spring biased, but when the tab is down, the analog output is minimum, and when the tab is up, the output is at its maximum.

ahhh… i see, ok, thank you, i really appreciate it. Good Luck this year.