Can i use a flight yoke and pedals as a legal controller?

Have a honeycomb flight yoke and vkb pedals i would like to use(pictured). I can convert them to a ps or xbox controller in software. I do not see anything that disallows these types of controllers i want to double check that they are legal. The yoke has clamp mounts for a tabletop and the pedals can just be on the floor. The secondary controller is a basic logi flight stick which this team has used in the past.



I’ve seen a lot of whacky things including “Car Driving Sim Hardware” like steering wheel and pedals. To me this feels like the same, but there’s some considerations to keep in mind.

If it’s time consuming to setup and move they aren’t gonna like it at the field. They want teams to unplug and move as soon as the match is over so the next team can start calibration and connections. If the clamp is quick then you’re okay on that count.

Consideration 2, if something breaks no one will have a replacement and your code will probably be hard to swap in a hurry to something else between matches. Be prepared to have a backup controller setup and code set. I don’t see it being an issue from legality but this would also help you be prepared in case they say it’s illegal.

Either way, guitar hero, steering wheels, arcade boards, touch screens, Xbox Kinects and ddr pads have all been legal control methods. I know of a team this year doing a custom Arduino controller board. Just keep it easy to move, maintain and install between matches and the field.


I love the use of high end controls for FRC robots. Game controllers can be absolute garbage. Our driving jumped noticeably when we switched from high end game controllers to low end RC drone controllers.

Both these controllers are hardwired, so you’re good there. Do you need to be seated to use your pedals effectively? If so, I wouldn’t use those. It helps a ton for a driver to be able to move around behind the glass to change visibility, especially this year where it’s so hard to see the bottom row of gamepiece positions. This same consideration might also apply for the use of your yoke, if it needs to be anchored. If you aren’t able to test this setup at a practice field, I’d be prepared to swap to a more mobile controller. And since that’s the case anyway, and you should practice how you play, I’d advise you to maybe just start with a handheld controller to begin with.

But, legally, you’re free to use it if you want to. I might also suggest that if it needs to clamp to something, you clamp your yoke to a drivers station you construct to stick down to the shelf velcro. That way you’ll be interfacing to a standard known interface instead of hoping that clamping to the shelf works out.


The team has a practice field and the clamps are quick to use. Good idea with the moving around so pedals might have to be swapped to something else.

Ill bring up drine controllers to my coach.

Also, R904-D & G301 only allow attaching the Operator Console by using the Driver Station hook & loop tape, not via a direct clamp onto the shelf.


It has a base thing that the velcro can go around.

At least i can experiment with it

How are you planning to see the field while sitting on the floor?

Mr strange teleportation portal lol

A periscope, probably.