Can I use this double solenoid as a single?

IMG_7702.HEIC (2.0 MB)
IMG_7701.HEIC (1.7 MB)
IMG_7700.HEIC (1.3 MB)

So as you can see in these pictures, one of the ends of the solenoid is like missing the cap and like sorta kinda destroyed. The thing is though, I only need a single acting solenoid. Hence, can I plug the vent for the broken side and only use the other side and have it act as a single solenoid?

Trouble is, there is nothing to make it retract to the plugged side.
The solenoid pulls to one side.
A double solenoid doesn’t have a spring return to get it back to the opposite side.

aw man bummer. Anyway i can fix this?

I can’t see your pictures, but the electric part of a solenoid valve is usually a separate part that can be taken from another matching solenoid valve, or possibly purchased separately.

So, we wrecked some FESTOs in 2017. In the pit, someone soldered the connecting wires directly to the pin. And that is what we used the rest of competition.

So it is possible to repair. From the picture I wasn’t sure whether that is the best way, or whether you can just immobilize the connector to the casing and use that way.

I recall all this because I was looking at these as backup solenoids for us this year and I took off the tape and used hot glue to hold everything in place instead. That is a potential “fix”, so that you can still use that solenoid.

So the big lesson learned from that whole experience was to put your solenoids in places that are secure. We had a thin plate that normally would have protected these solenoids but on a collision it was knocked into the robot and these solenoids, which caused a few matches of havoc while we scrambled to fix it and lost us good position in the ranking.

edit: Also, you might find a suitable replacement part per the above advice. But I don’t have that knowledge offhand.

Just in case you couldn’t see the images.

I see. Thanks you!