Hello, i want to use this banebot motor; this is the link:

Did it come in the Kit of Parts? Is it an exact replacement for one of the motors in the kit that got damaged?

If not, you can’t use it. See <R50>, <R51> and <R52>.

YOu can use the gearbox, but you have to take the motor part off of it, and replace it with a kit motor. You should buy some extra pinion gears so you can just put a new pinion gear on the kit motor, instead of having to try to remove the gear from the motor that you can’t use.

We used that gearbox on this years robot by changing to a kit motor, it works fine for turning our turret. We have a V belt drive, so it can slip, which is an important safety feature to keep from burning up the motor, since our programmers have been very challenged trying to get the limit switches working.

You can use that transmission, but you must exchange the motor for a kit one (both the RS-545 and the Fisher Price motors can be put into it without much difficulty).

If you have to order this and won’t be putting it on until your regional I would recommend this instead:
It is the same reduction but is a newer transmission with a more durable construction, and it ships with an RS-545 meaning the motor it comes with IS legal for use. We’re using 2 of these for our drive system right now and have had no problems thus far (we put fans on it for cooling, which I would recommend if you’ll be demanding alot from these motors).

Technically it’s not legal for use until you burn up the two motors that came in the Kit of Parts…then you can use it to replace them.

According to the linked banebots page, it shows a RS-540 shipped, not a RS-545 motor, so the base configuration is illegal.

This is true for the 36mm transmission but not for the P60 gearbox I linked to in my post. As long as you check the “ship with RS-545” box you get them with the P60’s.

Where does it say the KOP motors have to have died before you can use exact replacements? There is no theoretical advantage to using a replacement motor for the KOP one (except maybe that it’s got less wear on it), so there is no power advantage, which is the stated intent of the motor restriction rules.

It says so in the rules. I don’t make up the rules, I just try to follow them.

<R51> Motors specifically permitted on 2009 FRC ROBOTS include:

E. COTS motors used as one-to-one replacements (i.e. identical vendor and
part number) for motors, actuators and servos provided in the 2009 Kit Of
Parts that may have failed or become inoperable.

then burn out the kop motors, and buy the new grarboxes.

oops, that’s un-gp though…

well, the judges won’t know you still have the old kop motors, plus, as it has been said before, what’s the gain in forcing teams to use the kop motors first?


Now that you mention it, the rules don’t specify how the motors “become inoperable”…it could be that they met an ugly fate involving a large hammer

oops, you mean motors aren’t meant to go in the 100 ton press-brake?



squirrel, if older, same part# small CIMs can be subbed in without the new ones being obtained new, then I would assume that the BB motors of the right type can also be. It’s a one-to-one replacement, as in, if for any reason, you don’t like a motor, you can substitute another motor of the same type (or rather, part number).

I’m not on the GDC, though, and this is also not the official Q&A.

It’s not that hard to smoke these motors anyway. If you really want to follow the letter of the rules, just take the plain motor, and clamp both the motor and shaft so neither can rotate. Power until smoke results.

It’s even easier to remove the motor from the garbox and put the one from the kit in :wink:

^^^ i think that’s quoted right

:ahh: but it’s pretty!:ahh:

I’m not sure anyone would object to you simply using the replacement motor without the KOP motors being toasted. It is just more work to remove the pinion and put it on the KOP motor and if the replacement motor that comes is the exact same motor why should you have to destroy a perfectly good motor?

When you win a match and someone calls you on your motor not being burnt out who is going to look ungp? Not that I’m encouraging anything.

With the 36mm gearboxes I find the ones with a 5:1 first stage have a pinion gear that can sometimes snap when being pressed on to an FP motor… don’t know what your mileage will be like with the newer gearboxes and the 545 motors, but if you can get a spare pinion sent with your shipment it might be worth the extra couple of bucks…