Can I use versaplanetary with Neo

I remember reading that the neo motor dissipates heat from the front plate. If we connect neo to VP gearbox using the plastic CIM adapter, will the neo motor overheat? We are planning use the VP gearbox for powering a 2 stage elevator. We would like to use Neo motor at the input if it possible.

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Yeah, it is possible to do so. As you mentioned, however, it won’t dissipate heat quite as well. We have been running our swerve drive with NEOs on a VP with a CIM adapter and have not had issues with them overheating.

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Thank you for the info. I am thinking of putting an aluminum bracket ( in between the CIM adapter and the Neo motor and connecting the bracket to elevator base (2x1 tubing). I am not sure if that helps, but I don’t think that will hurt anyway.

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Even better, if you don’t want to cut the shaft of the NEO you’ll need something 1/8" thick to act as a shim anyway. Two birds, one stone with that bracket.

Is it really possible to connect a Neo/CIM/miniCIM to VersaPlanetary without cutting the shaft? The input coupler (with #10-32 set screw) in the motor mounting kit from Vex seems to assume that the end of motor shaft has keyway, where as in the CIM/Neo motors the keyway ends at about 0.3 inches from the end.

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@roborb No. See pg. 20 of the VP user guide.

No sure how you figure that you can’t… The NEO has identical mounting as the CIM…

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