Can I watch the twitch stream during sandstorm?


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I wouldn’t even consider that. Don’t have a strategy predicated on breaking the rules man.

Ignoring all potential rule breaks (cant have phones with active connection in use on field, no wifi), im not sure how good a 15-180s delayed stream would be for driving in sandstorm.


You can look at the big screen (, though that has some drawbacks. Watching the stream on Twitch is not allowed as explained above.


if you’re not on drive team you can do whatever you want

otherwise no


if you’re referring to the big display next to and above the field, that is allowed as long as you’re not looking around the sandstorm to do so. you can just look up from where you’re standing. however it may not be of any help. about the only way i see useful is if alliance partners are running into you.
if you mean can you have it on your phone on the driver station, thats a big no.

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