CAN ID resetting

Hey guys! So my team is using sparkmaxes for our neos and whenever we plug in the CAN and hook everything up, the CAN ID for the sparkmaxes always reset to 0. Basically, we always change them but if we turn off the system all of our CAN ID’s reset but one, does anyone know why?

Make sure to burn the flash after setting the CAN ID. Any unburned settings are ephemeral

You need to use the spark max client software to set it up.
We had the same issue with the hardware client, always back to zero.

That is right. Clicking “Save Configuration” will not set the CAN ID

This is incorrect. That software is deprecated. You likely were not burning the flash.

We did it, burn flash many times and it keep resetting to ID0. Once we flash with spark max client it works fine.
Maybe it’s not the correct way to get it done, but it works

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