CAN in Labview 2019

Hi, I am trying to use CAN to control our motor controllers on our robot due to using more than the Rio can support. If I could get an example for this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hee’s a simple drive example:

Thanks for responding so quickly. Is this able to be modified to use Victor SPX motor controllers?

I also just tried to load the snippet in the teleop and it failed to find the vi’s.

That example is severely out of date (2017 season). See here for up to date examples of Phoenix code in labview.

This is almost definitely happening due to the library in the snippet being out of date, but have you downloaded the Phoenix library (required for using CTRE’s CAN devices) and installed it on the roboRIO? If not, documentation - including installation instructions - can be found here.

I can make a snippet with the current library, but you will still need to install it first.

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I’ll fix that.

Try that CAN drive example above, you may have to refresh to pickup the new version.

Thank you. We had no idea how to do the CAN due to the removal this year. The link to the Phoenix library install helped so much.

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Just want to point out there is another drive example in the NI Example Finder. LabVIEW -> Help -> Find Examples… -> FRC Robotics -> roboRIO -> Robot and Motor -> CTRE Pfoenix Arcade Drive.lvproj. This one works a bit differently by making some motor controllers follow others. Use whichever one works best for you.

  1. Very simple test example to test your install here…

  2. …and this …

  1. … and many LV examples here…
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