CAN in the 2015 System

I’m trying to help out the programming/electrical squad here.

From how I see it, there’s only one CAN I/O on the RoboRIO. We want to use the PCM and the new Talon SRX, but from what we understand both need to be attached to the CAN I/O, but there is only one I/O.

TL;DR How do I connect both the SRX and PCM in CAN to the RoboRIO?

You daisy chain. The SRX has 4 CAN wires. 2 go into the roboRIO and 2 go into the next device (in your case, the PCM). The PDP should be at the end of the chain, with the termination resistor jumper set to ON.

The CAN bus is daisy chained from one device to another. The PCM has 4 CAN connectors (2 pairs) and the Talon SRX has 2 pairs of CAN wires. Wire (for example) from the roboRIO to the PCM to a Talon SRX (optionally to additional Talon SRXs) to the PDP.

Oh. Well duh, we used CAN for Jaguars last year and daisy chained them together. I just thought that since they were two different devices you wouldn’t be able to.

Is there a special connector I should be using between say 2 talons on the bus or will solding/ quick disconnectors work?

Really it’s whatever you want. Soldering the wires together also works.
Lots of suggestions here…