CAN Jaguar Fatal Status Code -35025

So for my team’s practice robot this year, we are using our Jaguars. They have the latest version and have been ID’d with BDC-COMM.

Using RobotBuilder, we added the Jags to the code as usual.

When we try running the code, we get one of two errors:

  1. A CANNotFoundException (or something along those lines; can’t remember the exact exception name. Anyways, this happens at Robot Boot only).

After resetting the RoboRIO, we get this exception:
2) Error: Unhandled Exception: edu.wpi.first.wpilibj.util.UncleanStatusException: Fatal Status Code Detected: -35025 (followed by stuff pointing to RobotMap where the Jags get initialized).

Double checked the wiring and the PCM and PDP are both found (PCM at the chain stat and PDP at the chain end). The Jaguar IDs are 2-8, the PDP is 9, and the PCM is 10.

Anyone know what might have caused this problem? Anyone else run into this?

Thanks in advance!

As starting point, can you confirm all Jags, PDP and PCM show up in the webdash with the correct IDs.

Also Tip : I would leave PDP and PCM as device ID ‘0’ since the default constructors for PDP and solenoids assume though. Though in most cases you can specify the device IDs, it seems to be a point of confusion for many teams.

For more info see “ID Ranges” under

okay, the Jags did not show up on the web dash. The chain goes through them fine (as I said earlier, the PCM and PDP are on opposite ends and are seen).

Pin 2 goes to yellow, and pin 3 to green, correct?

Depends on the connector (4pin vs 6pin). Please read…

And be careful of this…

okay it appears we misread that. when we get back to building monday I’ll post an update.

It works! YAY