CAN Jaguar flashing woes

This year (due to major issues last year with PWMs falling out or breaking) we decided to try CAN on the jags used for our main drive motors. I pulled out all the parts in the CAN upgrade kit from 2 years ago and got to work but encountered a million problems with different cabling and software downloads but eventually I got it to where I believed it should be working. Needless to say it didn’t work. The main problem I was having at the end is that the mdc-comm software I am supposed to use to flash the new firmware won’t start up, when I click it a blank windows pops up with a loading cursor and then it stops responding (despite the fact that the software used to start up). I’ve tried a million configurations for the serial to rj11 ( I believe it is actually backwards if you go by the colors) and I have a terminator plug on the non-serial can port (100ohm resistor across 2 & 3). My one idea is something to do with the hardware or drivers of my USB to serial adapter since when I decided to try reinstalling them device manager never got anywhere removing the device and then I had to pack up for the night so I didn’t get to try after rebooting the laptop. Has anyone else had this issue? Also if this doesn’t belong in this section it can be moved.

Ugh, finally figured it out yesterday, the serial to usb adapter was indeed the issue, but I got it to work long enough to flash and assign IDs to 4 jaguars. (only 3 BSODs too!) but I think I’ll try the cRIO CAN bridge software that I’ve seen on here. Does anyone know how well that works? If it works?