CAN Jaguar Malfunction

We wired all of our Jaguars and assigned them specific IDs, but the crio seems to be messing up the jaguar system. When we hook up the jaguars directly to the serial cable connected to the computer, they work fine, their firmware versions are correct, and we can control them with speed mode great (The encoders are working good).
This is our setup:
1 Black
2 Gray
3 Gray
4 Gray
5 Gray
6 Gray
7 Gray
All firmwares are at 87
Each are hooked up to the next id with the terminator connected to 7.
After the crio boots it reports that the firmware is 0 for all of them. Disconnecting the serial cable from the crio and hooking it up to the computer we see that the id’s of the greys change (We did not turn the jaguars off, all pid values are still changed).
So ID 1 is at v87, 2 is 258, 3 is 259, and so on, up to 263. Is this normal?
The jaguars with the different firmwares don’t respond to the rpm controller in the bc comm program.
Any help would be great

We tried many configurations with no avial. Even with the CAN default code and just the black Jaguar it failed. The cRio keeps reading the firmware as 0 and messing with the gray Jaguars firmwear versions. Usually its a number increasing from 258. Through a direct serial connection they cannot be controlled at all, until you reflash the firmware. Everything is up to date and we at a complete loss. One interesting firmware version that the software found is attached below.



Update the jags to 89, and download the latest release of the CANJaguar libraries (they updated recently). Try contacting Luminary Micro/TI if the problem keeps up

I updated the jaguars to 89 and the svn to the most recent revision to no avail.

Try shifting the jag IDs up by one. ID 1 is factory default and not recommended to be used in the actual system. The cRIO might have trouble with an ID 1 jag