Can lifting manipulator be longer then 30" during the last 30 seconds of the game?

We understand the rule about not extending more then 30" during the first 2 minutes of the match (R4). We also understand that our robot cannot extend higher then 6’6" at the end of the match (G10). Our question is: Can a manipulator extend out more then 30" past the bottom of the frame perimeter during the last 30 seconds of the match if it is used to lift the robot up to level 3? Manipulator would not be touching anything at the end of the match.

Can you quote the part in R4 that limits it to the first 2 minutes?

Does R4 apply to horizontal or vertical extension?

I also suggest you check out G23 to help with your confusion.

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I don’t see any exemptions from the 30" extension limit in the manual. There are additional restrictions placed on extensions (no extensions on defense, and the maximum height in the hab zone as you’ve noted) but I don’t see any exemptions.

Keep in mind that 30" is quite a bit, though, particularly 30" on each side!


EDIT: Okay… this is a bit ridiculous, and if there isn’t a rule blocking it then it is only because it was either not considered… OR it was intended to be legal… but when you are entirely within your Hab Zone, your bumpers may leave the bumper zone. The Frame perimeter, however, is defined as the “fixed, non-articulated part of the robot within the bumper zone”. So if your robot were to intentionally tip 90 degrees to a horizontal orientation, then you might claim that you had re-defined the frame perimeter and while you could still only extend 30" beyond the frame perimeter, you might have a longer frame to start from.

Please note that I don’t mean this as a viable strategy, and I should probably take a few more minutes to poke some holes in how this might violate the rules… but if we take this as an exercise in creative rule-reading… mmmm… maybe?

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