CAN loop too stale on swerve

We are using swerve for the first time, and we have a flacon driving, and a Neo turning. When trying to run our code, we keep getting stale errors. After updating all the firmware for the Rev products, and CTRE products, we continue to get the error. We have also checked all the CAN connections between each motor controller and CAN encoders.

The message should identify what CAN ID is too stale. Is a single ID, or do multiple errors have different CAN IDs? What is your CAN utilization?

It was for multiple ids saying the same error -3 CAN blah blah blah too stale. We’re using it for swerve, there are Neos turning the wheel, and a falcon driving.

in driver station what is your can usage? is it super high? we had to get a canivore and put our swerve just on that and then everything else on a seperate loop, works way better from our expirence.

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