CAN: Message not received

Hey all. I’m trying to read voltages from the PDP but I keep getting the following error:

Error at frc.robot,Main.main( CAN: Message not found

The line in question is just starting a variable:

PowerDistributionPanel pdp; //The actual initialization happens in robotInit

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Are you running WPILib 2019.3.2? If not, please upgrade and try again.

In this thread (ERROR -44087 CAN: Message not found) someone saw a similar error until updating PDP firmware.

Also, why are you adding code to We are not suppose to be doing that except for one very narrow case.

I hope this helps,

@Waz My mistake, I wasn’t paying close attention to the trace - I thought it was referencing, and I gave the corresponding line which really also happened to be the line where I started the PDP variable lmao.

@Peter_Johnson I just updated it (and rebuilt and redeployed after updating) and it’s still giving me this error.

In my experience, an error like this is usually a hardware error or something similar. You should try checking these:

  • The PDP has the latest firmware (1.40)
  • The CAN bus is connected properly
  • The status lights on the PDP are both flashing green
  • The ID for the PDP is correct (if you’re using the no-argument constructor, the PDP should have an address of 0)

Hope one of these fixes your problem.

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