Can not Connect to Raspberry Pi when it is Connected to the Radio


I see that this season a lot of work is being put into making the Raspberry Pi an accessible vision co processor. I have picked one up and have flashed it with the most recent 2019.2.1 image from GitHub. When it is connected to my computer via Ethernet, everything works fine, I can see the stream and connect to frcvision.local to configure it. However, when I plug it into the second slot on the robot’s radio, I can no longer access the web server on my driver station (which is connected to roboRIO with USB Ethernet adapter). Should I be able to connect to the web server even if the Pi is connected to the roboRIO anyways? When I use PUTTY to get into the roboRIO on the driver station and ping frcvision.local, everything works fine as well. However, I can not get any stream back on SmartDashboard when the Pi is connected to the roboRIO and can not ping the host name either on the driver station. The Pi is running whatever code starts on it, which I am pretty sure is the streaming program, so I am thinking it should work. The way I am trying to access the stream is using SmartDashboard View->Add…->CameraServer Stream Viewer. Am I doing something simple wrong? P.S. it seems like some really great work is going into this area and I appreciate it.

Confused Team 7445 Programmer

Are you saying you are connecting the computer to the RoboRIO USB port? Or are you connecting to it via Ethernet or WiFi? The USB port on the Rio is on a different network than the Ethernet port, you can’t talk to one from the other.

The computer is connected to the roboRIO USB port
The radio is connected to the roboRIO
The Raspberry Pi is connected to the second ethernet port on the radio

I hope this clarifies, thank you for responding so quickly.

Are you saying that I need to connect the driver station over WiFi for the streaming to work?

Correct. Or put an Ethernet switch in between the Radio and the Raspberry Pi and connect to that (you might as well invest in figuring that out now, as you won’t be able to tether with WiFi at events).


Great thanks, I’ll try radio WiFi for now. I think for the long term we are going to opt for an Ethernet switch like you mentioned.