Can not connect to Real-Time target

I’m trying to deploy code on our robot, I just re-imaged it with with the new 2012 LabVIEW. I am trying to push the run button on the robot main so i can get feedback to the gyro. I keep getting an error that says that “Can not connect to Real-Time target” I’m connected to it and can talk to it, what is going on?

unlike last year, the module that connects to the digital sidecar has to be in slot 2, not slot 4. We had the same problem until we changed it.

never mind the C-RIO broke anyway

Any details about what broke?

Greg McKaskle

Did you set the IP address correctly in the project? Is your programming computer using a compatible address?

yes, yes, and yes I cant even ping the thing anymore, is the a way to reset the ip on it , there might be a chance we can save it.

Make sure Windows Firewall is turned off.

It was working fine, i could talk to it, image it and ping it, all of a sudden, it just stopped talking to me, I am suspecting a bad image, I was changing back and forth from Java to LabVIEW. Could I send it in and get it formatted at NI?

You can format the cRIO yourself using the FRC cRIO Imaging Tool. It should be on your desktop after you install Labview

If I’m not mistaken you can reimage the c-rio using the imaging tool from labview. Our team ram into a problem were we had to turn off the wireless card and firewall to get it to image correctly.

Well i cant even ping it, ive turned off all other network connections and it sill wont respond to pings and the imaging tool wont find it

If you put it in safe mode, can the imaging tool see it?