Can one PWM control 2 Victors for Tandem Motors

I am a mentor for 2 teams. Two CIM motors per wheel appears to be disallowed with one Victor, see below. Can you use two Victors (one per motor) with a common PWM input to get around? The motors would have tied output shafts via the transmission. Is the Inspection Item 300 Rev E the final word?

RULES: REV E, FEB 5, Inspector List ITEM 300

“Motors can only be driven by one Victor or Spike with only one motor per permitted per Victor/Spike”

This complies with rule R-62 I think,

but the old inspection Rev D, JaN 25, did ALLOW IT:

Motors can only be driven by one Victor (although a Victor can drive more than 1 motor).


In short the answer is yes and yes. You can run the yellow “Y” cable from one pwm port to two victor speed controllers. This is something that we have done for years with our drive system. Also rev e would take precedence over any updates that came out before it, if there are any rules that contradict each other that is.