Can our arm design pass inpection

Our robot design can physically extend past the limits when fully extended, but it will be programmed so that it does not go past these limits. Can this design be approved by the inspectors, or how can we show that it is following the requierments?

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Yes it will pass robot inspection but if during the match it does extend pass it’s limits you will receive a penalty


As q131 said, this rule can be complied with by software. FIRST FRC Q&A System

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You will likely need to demonatrate this software limiting during inspection, but outside of that you should be fine!


Tie a string such that it can’t. Skip the debate on with RI and get on the practice field.

Expanding on Marcus’ point… If you have some reason why you really don’t want to mechanically put this check in place, the QA and precedent says you’ll be fine limiting it with software if you can demonstrate that. However, it’s a lot easier to explain to a rookie inspector how the design won’t let it go too far rather than code. So, unless it needs to be a code solution, don’t waste your time and breeze through inspection.


I agree with all the comments on here that this should pass inspection but you will have to make sure it is software limited to comply.

This year there is a special checkbox on the inspection document asking about this so it should be checked at inspection.

Some inspectors are not as up to date on QA and specifics as they probably ought to be and if your inspector is giving you a hard time from passing. I would make sure you reach out to the LRI at the event they should be well versed in all of the latest updates. If you can demonstrate that you keep it within 48 with software, you should be good to go based on the rules.

Last year with height limitations they left that up to the referees and the inspectors did not even check that. It made for a whole lot of robots that were illegally climbing, but referees without any real way to verify that after they were beyond the bottom rung when they are in operation.

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We will inspect for the Inspection List items. (That came out on Friday’s Team Update.) If your robot has the possibility of exceeding the limit, it can be restrained by mechanical or software means. We may discuss the extension with Head Ref so that they will be aware of this in match play while watching your robot.


Thank you all for your answers :slight_smile:

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