Can our team do only cones and our alliance do only cubes? What teams are interested?

It is simple to do with a stick put in the large hole in the cone. However, my suggestion is that one team focuses on doing the cones and another team will focus on cubes. I am part of the 467 team, and I guess we can focus on picking up cones with our stick mechanism, and not have a mechanism for the cubes. We’ll of course simply bulldoze the cubes to the “hybrid” area, which is on the floor, and perhaps some other team can come and elevate the cubes. This way, we don’t need to waste time making a cube mechanism and another team doesn’t need one for cones.

To answer the thread title yes you can specialize on one object. The effectiveness of this strategy is undetermined at this time (the game just came out likes 5.5 hours ago). Our team has not even begun to determine if this strategy is important to us or not.

I’d advocate most teams spend time understanding the manual before getting too in the weeds of what other teams are planning on doing (not sure many teams know what they are doing yet).

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Whenever games have multiple objectives, there are always “specialists” – teams who focus on one scoring objective. In many games, scoring is interdependent (e.g. 2019), but for 2023, you can still earn points with manipulating only one type of game piece.

This is certainly a strategy you can adopt, and many teams are likely to do this. It’s worth keeping in mind two things:

  1. You are randomly paired with other teams in qualifications. If they happen to specialize in the same thing as you, your scoring potential is decreased (e.g. if 2/3 or 3/3 teams on the alliance only do cones, you can’t score cubes).
  2. In playoffs, you might not be an attractive alliance partner if someone can do what you can do + the other element. Often early in the season, doing one thing well is enough, but at more competitive events, there will be teams that are good at everything, so unless you are twice as efficient at scoring half as many game pieces, you might be challenged at these events.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t do it! Just make sure to weigh the costs and benefits.


Ultimately, this is a decision that your team will need to make, but here’s some information that might aid your decision.

  • Outside of 3 links on the bottom row, all links need both types of game pieces.
  • If another team designed their robot to specialize in cubes, outside of playoffs you will be paired together at most once in a competition.
  • There are twice as many cone nodes as cube nodes, and alliance partners with both mechanisms will be able to focus on cubes with you.
  • Having both mechanisms would allow you to have more flexible match strategies.
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Where in the game manual does it say any links need both types of game pieces? In the game manual on page 45 it says:

An ALLIANCE earns 1 LINK if 3 adjacent NODES in a ROW contains a scored GAME PIECE. A scored
GAME PIECE only contributes towards 1 LINK at a time. LINKS are assessed in a manner that optimizes
the number of LINKS awarded to an ALLIANCE.

The entire bottom ROW is HYBRID NODES; they may filled with any game pieces for 3 LINKS. In the middle and top ROWS, every third NODE is a CUBE NODE, and the others are CONE NODES. No LINKS can be made on these levels without using both types of NODES. Each NODE needs its own type of game piece.


I think they’re saying the bottom 3 links can be pure cube/cone and be valid links

If they are they didn’t read the post they replied to very closely, the bottom 3 links are clearly called out as an exception

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