CAN Output Buffer Full

We are trying to run a neo 550 off a sparkmax at the same time as running another motor (Talon SRX running 775), and are getting a “CAN Output Buffer Full” message in the riolog as our code crashes. We can run the neo subsystem independently, and the talon subsystem on its own as well (and with every other subsystem on the robot), but when we try to run both talon and neo at once, the code crashes. I saw another thread saying this error was solved by fixing an electrical issue on the robot, but our electrical team has checked over the robot and found nothing amiss. I don’t think the issues we are seeing are indicative of such an error, so does anyone have any ideas as to what might be causing this?

The CAN Buffer is usually filled from either constant configuration writes (i.e. setting config options in a periodic method), or from constant failed messages (trying to contact a controller that doesn’t exist (wrong CAN ID or bad wiring).

Can you share your code? We can take a look and try to rule out the first cause

What color are the lights on the devices when you have both hooked up? That error is explicitly caused by the CAN bus not being wired into the Rio. If could be that when you hook up the extra device, it causes an issue on the bus and brings everything down. The LEDs will tell you that.


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